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Jessica [userpic]
Doctor Who Episode / DVD Question

I was wondering if anyone knew, for example, this is a link to a list of all the Classic Who episodes (a episode guide with titles and such) and I was wondering, if you could tell me what DVDs went with which sections of the seasons?

I was looking through the summaries of the DVDs and it seems to me that some DVDs have like sections of episodes from the beginning of one season and then another section if the end of a season or another season, which means there are a lot of episodes missing in between.

I guess my question extra is.... is there any kind of consistancy? Like, __ DVD has episodes 1-10 and ___ DVD has episodes 11-25 or something and if not, can someone explain the DVDs to me then, I'm trying to get them from Netflix to watch Classic Who from the beginning, that's out, anyway and if its all out of order, I'm not sure how I'll be able to do it.

biichan 8/14/09, 12:53 am
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Here via who_daily

Classic Who DVDs are grouped by serial and named after the serial therein. So each DVD has a complete story on it (the exceptions being the two Lost In Time ones which have the remaining footage from the burninated episodes.) The BBC is gradually releasing everything they have extant, but there's a lot of it and they don't go about it in anything resembling chronological order.

This is okay, though, because Oldskool Doctor Who almost never has season-long arcs (the exception being Key To Time and Trial Of A Timelord, both of which have their own box sets) and very few multi-serial arcs (which also have their own sets) and so it doesn't really need to be watched in order.

So if you want to watch Oldskool you have two ways of going about it. One is to start with whatever looks the most interesting and hop from serial to serial based on what story descriptions look cool.

The other way, which is the chronological way, is to go by this handy list of Classic Who DVD releases in chronological order that I have googled for you and to put them on your Netflix Queue in the order shown.

nowcarpediem 8/14/09, 09:11 pm
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Re: Here via who_daily

This helps A LOT - thanks soooo much!

nowcarpediem 8/14/09, 09:11 pm
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Re: Here via who_daily

This helps A LOT - thanks soooo much!